Help find Brian Klecha

The thing I miss about Brian Klecha is his child like innocence. He never met a bad person, because he could only see the good in them.

I was blessed because he was able to look past the way I treated him while drinking, and still care enough to see the good in me.

One day Brian looked at me, so upset that he was red and his eyes were misting. “Why do you drink so much? You are mean to me when you drink”

I had never pictured myself as a mean drunk. A messy drunk yes, but a mean drunk, no.


For the first time in over 10 years, Brian made me realized I had a problem.

We tried a lot of things, he and I, trying to sober me up. We looked into rehab, medication, even the church of Scientology (he was not happy about the last one.)

Sadly, sobriety did not kick in until after he left.


Brian moved to Florida early 2017, and got a job driving busses for Disney World.

If you knew Brian, you know that he loved Planes and Busses. So this was a good job for him.


That’s when someone else realized he had a kind heart and started taking advantage of him.

A young man named AJ (Ramon Antonio Perez Seda) moved into his life. Aj often beat, robbed and mentally abused Brian. It got so bad he started having co workers hang on to his valuables.

On December 26th 2017, Brian moved in with AJ and Andrew Dowler in a shared house in Lakeland FL. On December 27th, Brian went to the ATM also in Lakeland FL, and has not been seen since.

After Brian went missing AJ had and was using Brian’s vehicle, cell phone, passport and a bank card. For approximately two months after Brian went missing, AJ ignored the many phone calls, text messages, and e-mails that he received on Brian’s cell phone from Brian’s family and friends who were looking for Brian.AJ ended up selling Brians vehicle for drug money and it was totaled.

When the cops searched the home, they found out that the house guest had split up Brians belongings and sold them.

Brians family finally got some good news when AJ was arrested on an unrelated drug charge and we thought we were going to get closure. So far however, AJ has only provided more questions.

We believe AJ knows Brian’s location. AJ has told many different stories about Brian’s location that all have proved to be false


Brians family is offering a $5000.00 reward for Brian’s location. The reward is not for the prosecution of any individuals if harm has come to Brian. The reward is simply for Brian’s location. If you have information that can help find Brian please contact:

FDLE Special Investigations

Charles Massucci

C: (813) 352-2380

O: (813) 878-7454



If you see Brian out, please discreetly take a photo and send it to Detective Massucci (see contact info above.)

If you don’t feel safe talking to a detective you can email me at or brians mom at (TBA.)

We want Brian home, if you know anything please say something.

I would give the world, just to hug him and thank him for changing my life.



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